Tree cutting

This is for the wise one who stated, ďDonít bother trimming and cutting trees, you canít fight Mother Nature.Ē The next time your power goes off, maybe the power company should tell you to take it up with Mother Nature. Trimming and cutting is called prevention Ė just like sunscreen. God gave us brains to use them.

We need to pass a law that requires trees to be cut 35 yards from the powerlines. Anyone who doesnít want them cut should then be responsible to repair their own powerlines.


Bullying isnít only in the classroom. Itís also in management. Picking on people about their weight and how they look isnít just on the playground.

Reporting to work

How is it that schools are closed due to lost power and closed roads but some employees are required to report to work?

Shame on you

Shame on the driver who hit the little dog on Sunday and did not stop.

Church services

This storm season has been a good time for all the churches to prove they truly practice what they preach and to witness in their community. There are so many who have no one to help them haul off limbs. The churches should step up and practice what they believe.

A church canceled services this past Sunday and instead went out in the community and helped out. This is truly such a time that churches should let their lights shine.

Aikenís finest

I had to call 911 because my mother had no power. Two of Aikenís finest went to her house and brought her to me because I had power. She had an oxygen tank and a little dog. I would like to thank them for helping keep my mother safe.

Felon votes

Where are the victimís rights? Felons should not be allowed to vote. If you do the crime, you do the time and suffer the consequences. We donít need felons voting.


Residential neighborhoods in the county need to know if the County is going to come out and pick up the debris out by the road.

Perishable food

Why would anyone go out and buy perishable food when you know the lights might go out. Thatís just stupid.

Water meter

My neighborís water meter has been leaking since last September. No one has come out to fix it.