I’m so comforted to know that the leadership of the Aiken County School District is “listening to the tea leaves.” Where did he come from – the Age of Aquarius? What a totally nonsensical remark.


I think that it is inconsiderate to have earthquakes while we were are all trying to get power back on. I think that the government should make them schedule earthquakes only during times when there aren’t any other big problems. These earthquakes weren’t all that bad, but they could have been. Someone should do something about this.

We’ve experienced the dreaded Arctic Polar Vortex, the Aiken Winter Olympics ice storm, and then the great Edgefield earthquake of 2014. What’s next – locusts?

City should help

I think the City holding folks to 4-foot limbs is unreasonable considering the ice storm. Not everyone can afford a tree service or properly use a chain saw, if they even have one. It is important for safety to clean up fallen or broken limbs. The City should help, not make it harder.

Storm workers

I noticed that Gov. Nikki Haley didn’t even mention the dedicated SCDOT workers who were also helping with the cleanup. SCDOT is state, so why does she disregard her own employees? I’ve noticed she has gone out of her way to spite them since she’s been elected, and they work hard.

Roaming dog

To the person who allows their Lab-type dog to wander loose from that area all the way to Whiskey Road and back, you need to take responsibility for your dog and keep it safe in your house or yard. There is a leash law in Aiken. Your dog deserves better treatment.

God is in control

Mother Nature nor man can control the weather. God is clearly showing us who is in control. He gives us the power and intelligence to use our minds, but he alone has the final control over all things big and small.

Pipes needed

I realize the bypass needs to be widened; however, the drainage ditch on both sides of Whiskey Road needs to have pipes installed and sidewalks put in.

Senator support

Sens. Graham and Scott won’t support raising the minimum wage, Affordable Care Act, food stamps or unemployment benefits, but will support providing $30 billion for the MOX facility that doesn’t have customers for its finished product. Go figure.