Cleaning roads

Many thanks to all the people who are out there cleaning up the roads and working to restore electricity and phone service. You are greatly appreciated.

Power workers

Id like to thank everyone working hard to restore power.

Dinner staff

I want to extend praise and gratitude to the staff of local restaurants. Last Wednesday, when our storm was just winding up, our power was out and we needed something for dinner. The staff there could not have been more gracious and efficient. The place was packed, but everyone was happily doing their job and it was a wonderful atmosphere for a miserable situation. Many of the employees had been there since early morning, and were still smiling and helpful.


Thank you, to all the men and women for helping us through the ice storm. They gave up being home with their families, so that we would be safe and warm in our homes.

Power workers

Id like to thank everyone involved with repairing the power lines and who had to work during that terrible weather.

Bone tired

I know the electrical workers have to be bone tired. We thank you for all the hard work youve done.


I would like to thank all of the hard-working power company employees who worked diligently, dawn to dusk, to restore power to our area.

Ghost Riders

I would like to thank the two gentleman who came out and got our lights on. Wed been without power for six days, and it took 10 minutes to get them back on. I came out to thank you, and you were gone like Ghost Riders. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Working together

I want to thank the Aiken Standard for publishing a paper during the storm and my carrier for delivering it. I would like to thank the linemen for getting the power back on and the Baptists for help clearing my lawn. Its amazing what we can do when we all work together.


Thanks to all the people who have taken part in cleaning up following the storm. They have done such a great job, and Aiken should be thankful for their help.