Pleasant wait

Searching for a chain saw with many other people in Aiken and finding none, a store representative told me a shipment from Augusta had been ordered. The home improvement store did not provide a waiting list, so we decided to form our own list as people arrived. A clerk brought out chairs, unfolded them and lined them up in order by the wall. As more customers arrived, the clerk brought more chairs and bottled water. After three hours for me, the chain saws arrived. Thanks for excellent employees who made a necessary wait pleasant.

Short work

Our thanks to a group of Hollow Creek residents who made short work of many fallen trees around the No. 3 course, following last week’s ice storm.

Help in Wagener

It is good to see the sun. But I want to say thank you for all the men that were out in this awful weather, trying to get Wagener back in order. Thank you, men, as it is not a easy job. God bless all of you everywhere.

Great job

I would just like to comment about all the hard work of City and County employees, utility workers, police and firemen. I couldn’t name them all. What a great job. It will take time, but Aiken will be beautiful once again.

Thanks again

I enjoyed the TalkBack about the lady and the boys who helped her with her firewood. I would like to thank them, too. There is way more good in our town than bad, and I enjoy reading them in the TalkBack.

Power companies

I would like to give credit to the power companies for the hard work they’ve done in restoring power to their customers.


Thank you, to the man coming off Old Tory Trail who stopped and cut a tree that had fallen across our driveway. He cleaned it up and made it possible for us to get out. Thank you for your kindness.

Young neighbor

I want to thank my young neighbor who dragged my ice-covered trash container and newspaper to my backdoor so I could get at it more easily.

Radio stations

Thanks to the radio stations for reporting the weather-related information for Aiken and the entire CSRA. They do a great job and have regular updates. When the power goes out, that battery-powered radio is a lifesaver.