A fifth wireless communication tower was approved by the Aiken County Planning Commission on Tuesday night for the Wagener-Salley area.

This 300-foot AT&T tower will be located on Festival Trail Road in Salley.

The Commission unanimously approved the tower. Commissioners Terri Turner and Buddy Turner were not in attendance.

Jonathan Yates, who spoke on behalf of AT&T, said this is one of six communication towers AT&T is trying to have installed in the eastern portion of Aiken County. The first four were approved in November, and he said AT&T expects to come back with one more request.

Another cellphone tower for Verizon was approved to be erected in North Augusta in January.

Yates said these communication towers are being requested in efforts to bring adequate phone and broadband coverage to that portion of the county.

A resident asked Yates if this tower would only service AT&T customers, and he said that, initially, it will but there's room for “at least three more competitors.”

In other business, the Commission approved changing the name of a portion of Levels Church Road to Levels Church Road W.

The Commission unanimously tabled changing the name of that section of road to Zeus Drive at its last meeting due to public concern. Planning officials worked with those concerned and reached a compromise of adding “West” to the name.

The reason for the change was that the road once ran all the way through but now dead ends at East Pine Log Road.

Motorists can get onto the remaining portion of Levels Church Road by driving a few hundred feet down East Pine Log Road. County officials were concerned the split road would cause confusion among police or EMS crews responding to emergencies.

Commission Chairman Dennis Gmerek commended everyone for working together to come to an agreement.

Amy Banton is the County reporter for the Aiken Standard and has been with the publication since May 2010. She is a native of Rustburg, Va. and a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman's College.