A penny sales tax means an increase in our sales tax. That means we’ll be taxed 8 cents of every dollar we spend.


I don’t often respond to articles in the TalkBack, but sometimes the articles are so ridiculous that they deserve it. The comment was that only the less affluent should be allowed shop in thrift stores. It is my understanding that most thrift stores get their merchandise from donors or perhaps from manufacturer’s overruns. The proceeds from the sale of this merchandise is quite often used by the stores to help the many needy organizations that they support. The more they sell, the more good they can do to help the needy. What’s wrong with that? If only the less affluent were allowed to shop at these stores, how would the store know who those individuals are? Maybe all eligible customers need to be issued a badge before they enter the store which says “non-affluent.”

Back pain

I was a skeptic of chiropractic care. I have lived with a sore back that has limited my activities for many years. I was tired of acting 20 years older than I am, so I bit the bullet and stopped by to give it a try. I have not looked back. It was definitely the right decision because I can now act my age and can be a part of life. I am now looking forward to a very active time with my family, rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Tax help

The tax preparers at the AARP tax help sites at the Aiken County Public Library and the Nancy Carson Library are trained using IRS-prepared materials and certified to volunteer level advanced.

Gender preference

To Christians and others who are tired of political correctness, Facebook is now offering gender preferences on its site: trans woman, trans man, and trans person. If you disagree with this, pull your account. Enough is enough.

Driverless cars

A recent TalkBack submission suggested the roads in Aiken would be much safer if we had “driverless cars.” I have to ask, where would all these cars be going and what would they be doing without their drivers?

Storm visit

I don’t see why Gov. Nikki Haley came to Aiken to make herself look good. Where was all this relief aid for us, like water for people who needed it? I watch the news, and with any other state that has a bad storm of any kind, the Red Cross is everywhere but not Aiken County. So pat yourself on the back, Nikki Haley, for not doing anything to help us out.