Debris piles

People shouldnít pile their trees or branches in the street. There are many areas in Aiken where you can no longer make it down the road.

Debris hauling

How are we supposed to get our debris to Graniteville? The County doesnít understand that we are old and have no way to haul it. They should figure out a way to pick up the debris on our lawns.

Disaster area

Where was the National Guard? Nikki Haley was here and declared this area a disaster. They should have at least been directing traffic where the lights were out. There also werenít enough shelters.

Out of state help

I donít understand why these out-of-state tree companies have come into Aiken County to do business.

Clean up

Are there any church groups who will help older senior ladies to clean up their yards? I need someone to clean up my yard and haul away my limbs.

Early bloomers

What kind of trees are blooming so early in February? They are on the Aiken-Augusta Highway.

Water rates

I think if we are charged more for using less water then we should get a rebate for using more water. All of this from the utility company is jabberwocky.

Concealed weapons

I will go out of my way to find businesses that post no concealed weapons signs. More guns always means more violence. Who wants weapons around alcohol?

I wonít be frequenting bars or restaurants that allow guns in places that serve alcohol. Itís the wrong place for it to be.

Since I donít want to be shot accidentally, any place that allows guns and alcohol wonít get my patronage.

Power workers

The people who have worked so hard getting the power on need to be thanked.