We can turn the large potholes into aquariums filled with gold fish and brim.

Trash piles

Why is it that some people choose not to annex, but pile their trash and limbs in front of homes that are part of the City?

Five kids

A single woman would love to have five children. That way they have a family. The father is probably right there with them. But they get government support because she is unwed.

Top 10

South Carolina schools rank so far behind in education, whatís the point of making up the snow days? Itís not going to put us into the top 10.

Big thanks

Kudos to the electrical line repair crews, SCDOT and National Guard who came out to help restore our power, clear the roads and get our community back to normal. They are unsung compared to firemen and police, but they need big thanks after this ice storm.

Concert delay

A concert was delayed 15 minutes because they were waiting for a bus. I am willing to give up those 15 minutes so everyone can enjoy the concert.

One-sided articles

With reference to the person commenting about Obamacare and the one-sided article about it: Welcome to Obamacare, you have lots of company. You have to realize that these days about 90 percent of all the articles you will read in the major newspapers, the major TV networks, and yes, even some small-town papers, will be slanted to make the president look good.

No criteria

One wonders about the criteria for the Obamas when they choose guests attending state dinners, a very prestigious affair. On one hand, recently, a surgeon in Atlanta walked 6 miles in a winter storm to perform life-saving surgery. Yet the gay professional basketball player, the same one who was Mrs. Obamaís personal guest at the State of Union address, along with his lover, were invited dinner guests. I guess there is no criteria.

Open carry

Why is it easier to get a concealed carry permit than make a sign prohibiting it? Why not require open carry? Then we could tell the good guys from the bad.