Paul Swart relocated to Aiken from Oregon four months ago, so he would be in a warmer climate and be able to compete more.

The native of South Africa took part in Wednesday’s jumper derby at Paradise Farm. Swart has a 9-year-old Silla Argentino, an Argentine-born Selle Francais, that he’s bringing back from injury, HJ Ereos or Ereos as he’s known around the barn.

“This is the ideal schooling situation to get him settled, looking at the jumps and I achieved what I wanted to today,” said Swart.

The rider/horse combination has competed as high as training level, but with a year off from competition, Swart is starting him at the lower levels to build his fitness.

Ereos is extremely athletic and an outstanding jumper, but is a very unlucky horse, one that Swart has to be careful with when he rides.

“He can do all three phases,” said Swart. “He’s still learning a lot of stuff. He’s a little bit behind in his time. He’s 6-years-old mentally, so we’re taking our time with him. I’m very happy with where he is at this time.”

The horseman also competes Ereos in show jumping classes.

“He can do 4 foot easily,” said Swart. “He’s a phenomenal jumper. He’s from the Baloubet line.”

Ereos comes from the same breeder as an upper level eventing horse, Peter Atkins’ renowned HJ Hampton, known better to his fans as Henny.