Water rates

I agree with the letter in Tuesday’s paper. It doesn’t make sense to raise water rates because we’re not using enough. I thought we needed to conserve water.

Appreciated delivery

I appreciate the paper delivery on Wednesday during all this ice and the dangerous roads.

Power outage

The power is out in New Ellenton. What am I supposed to do with all this food I bought?

Bury power lines

It’s about time that the power lines are buried. We need to have buried lines throughout Aiken County. The power needs to come back on.

Why, in 2014, are our power lines not buried underground? They are up in the air where trees can fall on them and cause havoc.


Kudos to the manager and staff of a local restaurants for outstanding service the morning after the ice storm. They provided organized and friendly service for those seeking a hot meal after a disastrous night.

Trees and ice

Nothing can stop the trees from breaking during an ice storm. There are trees in the road and trees on the powerlines. Cutting them doesn’t matter. They should be left alone. Nothing can stop Mother Nature.

Tree trimming

Our Aiken County residents should now understand why it is necessary for the utility companies to trim trees next to their power lines.