Figure it out

How hard is it for the police to figure out where these stolen air conditioners are being received?

Pays more

There are so many administrators because it pays more when they retired. I’m surprised we don’t have a school system full of principals.

Not needed

All this business about widening the bypass reminds me of someone. Just go ahead and pave it, we’ll worry about it later. It’s not needed at all.


Every time we see that the City wants to “adjust” the water rates, and tell us how it’s the second lowest in the state, we know they’re gearing up to raise the rates. Where are they spending all that money anyway? It’s certainly not on maintaining/upgrading the system.

Probably not

After years of drought, the City didn’t lower our rates due to increased usage. But after one season, they’re raising the rate 10 percent. Is the price going to be lowered if we go back to a drought situation and use more water? Probably not.

Fattening pockets

It doesn’t matter if it’s township, city, county, state, district or federal government. All they care about is fattening their pockets. They don’t care about the working people. Look at Lindsey Graham.

Lost dog

Sorry to hear you lost your dog. Hopefully by now someone has found and returned him. Hopefully he has been neutered at some point. Unaltered male dogs and cats will roam for miles trying to find a mate. Sounds like you are a responsible pet owner, having established a vet for him. Good luck.

Talk about it

Enough with all the criticism of our school taxes. Our legislative delegation, state and national, went out of their way to support more funding for SRS. We forget SRS is funded through taxes. Talk about inefficient use of our tax dollars, look at SRS. Talk about excessive salaries for management, look at SRS.

Wonderful idea

I think it would be a wonderful idea to have a train that commuted from Aiken to Charleston.This could open new possibilities to the state tourist industry and showcasing this beautiful state.


I agree with one of your editors who questioned the sense of a person going somewhere where he feels the need to have his weapon.