Stop complaining

Augusta is widening Riverwatch Parkway. All the homes along the 3-mile road are losing some of their yards and some are losing their homes. And the righteous people of Aiken are crying about some scrub pines and a few homes losing some yards along Hitchcock Parkway.

Gun law

I was wondering why people are so concerned when people with a permit have to go through training and a background check. They are not worried about the people who have no training and no background check but have a gun.

Stick to the music

I like the Grammyís and have enjoyed music of all kinds. They should really just stick to music and awards for the music. That has nothing to do with music. I donít care who is getting married, it has no place on the Grammyís.

School days

Aiken County, as well as other school districts, is following South Carolina law by making up the snow day. A minimum of 180 days is required by South Carolina state law. We are not the only South Carolina school district making up the snow day. Coaches are paid a supplement for athletic events, which is also part of a contract. Teachers work 190 days per year; 180 of those days must be instructional days.