At noon on Friday, Shorty Hall, director of the Beech Island Rural Community Water District said he was expecting Federal Management Agency officials to arrive with a generator sufficient enough to bring water to many homes in his district and possibly the Valley Water Authority as well.

The agency, also known as FEMA, had been in Wagener for the same purpose and was on its way.

Hall estimated about 1,700 of 3,400 customers in the area have been out of water as a result of the ice storm. Many more had low pressure.

“We don’t have a large enough generator,” Hall said. “This is the largest storm we’ve ever had to deal with.”

The Beach Island district serve close to Aiken on Pine Log Road, he said. The Valley covers part of Dixie Clay Road and more.

“It’s been stressful, but we’ve been trying to get it right,” said Hall.