A friend of mind from Tulsa, Okla. visited me and I was showing him our beautiful city and country and I had to dodge a few potholes in the road. He said during World War II in Tulsa, Okla. the potholes were circled with red paint, due to the lack of money, material or labor.

To add to this now, I think our potholes should be painted different colors to indicate the size of the pothole and degree of drop-off.

This is our solution and our opportunity to go back in time to solve our problem. This would be a tourist attraction and would increase business in our stores, restaurants and airports. We could have bus tours on weekends with our politicians driving the buses.

Imagine potholes all over the city and county outlined in a rainbow of colors. The different colors could indicate the size of the pothole and the degree of the drop-off. We could name the different-colored potholes after the politicians that caused the problem. This would be a very colorful display, for exceeding in scope and imagination of any previous concept of art. We could make it big, as the world’s most colorful country. Think of tours by land and by air to see this spectacle. Everyone everywhere would hear of our creativity and sophistication, and would want to come here to learn from us. I can see crowded seminars at USC Aiken and other higher learning centers in South Carolina teaching the less fortunate than we, how to paint their own potholes. We could name the new Hitchcock bypass the Pothole Bypass.

We could have whoever is in charge of traffic lights in the city do the painting of the potholes.

Earl T. Williams