Many Aiken residents may be celebrating Valentine's Day by candlelight due to the widespread power outages across Aiken County. But even without power, residents can still make the holiday special with budget-conscious ideas. Students from USC Aiken gave advice on how to stay thrifty for their loved ones.

The Aiken Standard asked several students what their idea for a perfect Valentine's Day date would be on a strapped budget.

Daniella Reese

“I would grab food from my parents house – probably fish –and make it for my date. Candles would be nice, too.”

Jasmine Hill

“Me being a college student, I would say take them out to a movie and go out to dinner. Maybe like an Applebee's or something.”

Dakarai Towns

“For a college student, I would say Applebee's because they have the two for $20 deal. But it also depends on what type of date it is. If you have a little more money, I'd say go to Longhorn or California Dreaming.”

Brice Proctor

“To save money, I would decorate the apartment and have soft, romantic music and give my girlfriend a massage. For the meal, I'd have a baked potato, steak, salad and probably something sweet for dessert.”

Joshua Capers

“I'd make her breakfast in bed, maybe try some heart-shaped pancakes. And rent a good, romantic movie from Redbox.”

Taylor Hudson

“I would definitely get her flowers and have something nice at the apartment. But don't go to the movies … that's way too expensive for a college budget. And a meal would be good. Me, personally, I'd probably make something with chicken, like chicken casserole. Or chicken and dumplings.”

Harli Eggenberger

“I would like going to an open field and having a picnic for dinner. I love sushi, so we'd probably have that and a special dessert we could treat ourselves to. And music, too.”

Brooke Clark

“I like the picnic idea but after that, we could make something together and we could look back on that. Maybe make a painting or something like that.”

Kwanisha Bennett

“An ideal date on a budget would be no more than $45 or $50 and for the movie, no more than $25, so about $75 or $80 total. A place we could go is probably Applebee's or Ruby Tuesday. But I would not go to Waffle House or Huddle House.”