Aiken County School District officials could make a decision by mid-afternoon today about the possibility of closing schools on Wednesday and Thursday, Deputy Superintendent David Caver said.

As soon as the district makes a decision, officials will take steps to notify parents, employees and the public, Caver said.

He planned to talk with personnel from the Emergency Operations Center this morning at 9:30 a.m.

“We just want to get some accurate weather as best we can,” Caver said. “We’ve discussed this with different agencies, as we all impact on each other. We’re seeing a 80 percent of ice and probably won’t wait.”

Aiken Technical College had not made a decision on Tuesday as of 9:30 a.m., but also will send out information as soon as it is available, said Anna Dolianitis, the communications and public relations coordinator. However, an event for a Veterans to Careers initiative on Wednesday has been cancelled.

USC Aiken has not decided on the status of classes on Wednesday yet either.

The lower temperatures on Wednesday and early Thursday could lead to an accumulation of ice, Caver sid. That definitely could jeopardize cars and buses on streets and highways.

During an ice storm about a decade ago, “Power was an issue then,” Caver said. “People in neighborhoods couldn’t get out with all the ice on trees. We’ll do what’s best today for safety.”