Cold hot dogs

SCDOT workers worked all day in preparation for the weather. These workers stayed all through the night making the roads safe, and continue to work around the clock so we can be safe and so our loved ones can be safe. And what do they get fed? Cold hot dogs in stale buns. It’s cold out there, but the treatment to these hard workers is even colder. My son deserves more than cold food for his efforts to keep us all safe. Shame on you.

The problem

Why is the City of Aiken willing to spend $44 million over 15 years to make Hitchcock Parkway a five-lane road when this is 46 percent of the 25-year budget for bridge maintenance for the Augusta and Aiken area? Do you see the problem on bridge and road maintenance?

Tax increase

This is directed to S.C. Sen. Tom Young and the other politicians who constantly refer to the possible sales tax increase as the “penny tax.” If you want a penny, I’ll give you a penny. In fact, I’ll give you a penny a week or even a penny a day. Does that satisfy your “penny tax?” Of course not. What you really want is another penny out of virtually every dollar I spend. If I spend $500 on clothes, you want 500 more pennies than you already get. Let’s knock off the penny stuff and call this proposal something that better describes it: an increase in the overall sales tax. Don’t you politicians have the guts to call things what they really are?

More common sense

Along the lines of the “Common sense” TalkBack on widening Hitchcock Parkway to four lanes, I have another common sense thought. Proposed partial solutions will soon be overwhelmed by the rapidly increasing traffic on the parkway. I think that is likely to happen even before the partial solution is finished. Common sense says widening the parkway twice will be much more expensive than doing it right the first time.

Missed by all

“Miss Gerri,” as she was affectionately known, was the greeter and voice of Woodside Country Club for many years until her recent death. To those who came from around the world, she undoubtedly represented their ideal Southern lady. Always immaculately dressed, always gracious and accommodating, she represented all the good qualities of Southern hospitality. She will be missed.

Snow complaints

Quit complaining about Aiken being overly cautious during a snowfall. If we had the snow they get up North, we’d be better prepared with equipment – and, if we had that much snow, I would not be living here.