Aiken’s Casey Mason has been riding Morrison for a very short time.

In fact, it was only the rider/horse combination’s second class together. But that didn’t factor into their performance Sunday in the Progressive Show Jumping Cupid Classic, $5,000 Mini Prix, Aiken Challenge Series III, at Highfields Event Center.

The first round track designed by Kevin Lenehan featured 10, 1.30 meter obstacles and 13 jumping efforts. A total of nine rider/horse combinations contested the class, and Mason and Morrison would turn in the only fault free effort, stopping the timer in 69.635.

“The triple combination, that was tight, and then a flat four afterwards,” said Mason, in reference to the first round course. “This guy (Morrison) is pretty clever, nifty and sharp. I came in pretty collected and just stayed behind him.”

Susie Clarke and Cedric were the fastest four faulters completing the course in 67.763. Doug Payne and Eli were next, finishing with four faults and a time of 68.387. Jason Berry and Wanderer and Erin McGuire and Kasarr rounded out the top five.

The course proved to be pretty technical with Mason and Morrison being the only rider/horse combination to go clean.

“It was a great course for me with this horse,” said Mason. “I’m still getting to know him. He’s a sweet guy. He stays real light and relaxed for me. I’m really excited about the opportunity to be able to show him in more classes.”