In the Feb. 3 edition of the Aiken Standard, a submitted letter – “Obama failing in leadership” – discussed President Obama’s State of the Union address to the nation. I offer these counterpoints.

The president has had to issue some unilateral executive orders because of a U.S. House and Senate GOP that is intent on not working with him on virtually all problems confronting our country. Even with the obstruction, this president has issued fewer executive orders than any of his predecessors going to back to President Reagan.

The writer cited an example of the president displaying a lady in the audience as a means of getting support for an increase in the minimum wage. Actually, the lady in question had appealed to the president for the continuation of long-term unemployment benefits. She asked not to be abandoned by her country while she and her family are in such dire straits. Unfortunately, the president cannot issue an executive order to help this citizen. Only Congress can help her.

The writer blames the president for the millions of people that are still unemployed. Actually, he should have praised the president for promoting legislation that prevented the country from going into another depression. Millions of people have found jobs as a result of the legislation, but more needs to be done. The president has been pushing Congress to enact jobs legislation for years, but he can’t get anything out of a recalcitrant House GOP.

Finally, the wounded soldier who was deservedly given a two-minute standing ovation for his service to his country: When I saw him, it reminded me of the folly of keeping our servicemen and women in a war for 13 years that will not end on a good note. I give you Vietnam and Iraq for comparison.

Moses Mims