Iím a mortician. Before I was a mortician, I was a server, lifeguard and cart attendant at Woodside Plantation Country Club. One thing that my profession has taught me is that one must value life. Life is not defined by being successful, having a large sum of money or a long list of accolades; it is defined by the lives that are touched and the difference one makes in those lives.

Gerri Johnson touched thousands of lives through her job as the receptionist at Woodside Plantation for 30 years. Always with a smile and a sweet southern twang, you knew you were special. Someone could walk in the door that she hadnít seen in 10 years, but she still remembered their name. A kind and gracious lady was taken from us way too soon, but her life will not be defined by tragedy; her life will be remembered by the way she lived it. Owning a gun is a privilege, not a right. We must do something to hinder gun violence in our country.

Cody L. Anderson

Beech Island