The Aiken County Board of Education will consider the second and final reading of a policy related to student searches, interrogations and arrests – scheduled at the School District office on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

The revamped policy, included in the Board agenda, indicates the policy is intended to address student rights and protocols that should be followed. This issue can emerge when law enforcement or the Aiken County Department of Social Services arrive at a school when it considers a need to interact with a student.

The policy amendment is intended to revise the use of the word “interrogation.” The added use of the word “interview” would be reserved for students who may be only bystanders or witnesses to a serious incident – although that status could change if an interview reveals that a student could be more involved.

The policy amendment was prepared by School Board attorney Bill Burkhalter for the Board members' consideration. The proposed change is intended to define definitions for discussions of students as a way to address concerns of parents.