I appreciate the efforts of S.C. Rep. Bill Taylor, R-Aiken, and Claude O’Donovan for their enthusiasm for Article V that brings the conversation of an out-of-control federal government to the forefront.

I agree that we need to rein in the out-of-control, over-reaching federal government.

I agree that we have Article V available to us that creates amendments that allow more self-directed governance.

I agree that we need smaller government and more personal responsibility.

I believe in the 10th amendment and the right to state sovereignty. 

However, Article V and the Convention of States gathering will allow the current U.S. Constitution to be altered, perhaps forever, in a very damaging way.

There is an assumption that by changing the U.S. Constitution, we will be able to rein in the federal government. We already have checks and balances that go unheeded and are largely ignored. It isn’t the Constitution that needs altering. Educating the electorate is the answer. We need to elect people from within our community who support the Constitution and will hold other elected officials accountable to the Constitution. 

Changing the Constitution does not guarantee that elected officials will adhere to the new amendments. It is the adherence that is the problem, not the Constitution itself.

Under the 10th Amendment, we as a sovereign state created the federal government. They did not create South Carolina.

The out-of-control federal government is our responsibility to rein in, and we should demand adherence to the current Constitution. 

Before we “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” let us start by educating each other on self-governance and electing people that truly reflect the principles that we wish to live by.

Please do not change or ignore the Constitution. It has been available to us for 237 years. We need to adhere to the Constitution if we are going to guide ourselves out of the “rocky” part of the river that we are currently in.

The U.S. Constitution is our “north star” and it will bring back that freedom that has been lost to an over-reaching federal government. It is what we are founded upon and what most all of us still believe in.

It is time for each of us to participate in a greater way. Contact your elected officials and encourage them to support and uphold the current Constitution that is the foundation of our country.

Mike Stake