These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for Jan. 24-26 . Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the “Crime” tab.

Nicholas Divver Martin, 35 — driving under suspension first offense bench warrant

Christopher Brian Lawson, 30 — driving under suspension first offense, open container of beer/wine, driving under the influence

Bobby Wayne Clemons III, 20 — possession, conceal, sell or dispose of a stolen vehicle value more than $2,000, driving under suspension

Ryan Anthony West, 24 — driving under the influence

Bradley Bernard Simmons, 32 — disobeying a lawful order, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct/gross intoxication, driving under the influence, possession of marijuana

Mitchell Dernard Lee, 34, — driving under the influence, possession of marijuana

Anthony Montrell Lee, 26 — shoplifting value $2,000 or less general sessions court bench warrant two counts

Emily Jean Hatcher, 22 — assault and battery third degree

Bakari Akial Jibri Willis, 22 — financial transaction card theft, financial transaction card fraud value $500 or less in a six month period

Sherry Elaine Harp, 29 — hit and run/property damage two counts, driving under suspension second offense, driving under suspension first offense bench warrant, failure to pay per order bench warrant

Markey Devon Felder, 28 — hold for South Congaree, driving under suspension

Raymond Daniel Hesse, 67 — open container of beer/wine, disregarding a traffic stop sign

Deborah Jean Hunt, 55 — harassment second degree

DeVante LaPaul Kimbrough, 18 — possession of stolen property commitment

Latoya Shanekia Thurmond, 27 — contributing to the delinquency of a minor sentence, shoplifting second offense bench warrant

Braeshawn Darrell Epps, 20 — criminal domestic violence first offense

Leann Elizabeth Barziloski, 32 — disorderly conduct/gross intoxication

Ahaji Kwamaine Saintelus, 17 — shoplifting first offense, simple possession of marijuana

Garrett Ernest Williams, 57 — driving under the influence first offense

Jeffery Ronell Toole, 45 — simple larceny $2,000 or less

Joseph Richard Williamson, 37 — unlawful carrying of a pistol

Elton Lee McCall, 39 — disorderly conduct/gross intoxication

Joseph Calvin Thomas Jr., 36 — driving under the influence

Daryl Key, 25 — shoplifting second offense, simple possession of marijuana

Gene Edward Bodie, 52 — driving under the influence first offense

Patricio Orozco Salinas, 38 — driving under the influence, criminal domestic violence first offense

Stanlee Owen Wahl, 26 — driving under the influence first offense

William Tobias James, 26 — simple larceny $2,000 or less bench warrant

Ronzo Lynell Simpkins, 25 — driving under suspension fourth offense

Eric Devon Coxson, 21 — simple possession of marijuana

Bryon Eric Foster, 21 — driving under the influence first offense

Trevis Lorenzo Hightower, 24 — possession of marijuana third offense, simple possession of marijuana, driving without a license bench warrant, driving under suspension bench warrant, possession of 28 grams or less of marijuana bench warrant, manufacturing, distribution of cocaine base first offense bench warrant

Kenneth Lamon Richardson Jr., 20 — unlawful carrying of a pistol, hold per National Crime Information Center teletype for Barnwell Police Department

Belisario Zamorano-Velasco, 25 — driving under the influence, driving without a driver’s license, open container of beer/wine

James Thomas Kennedy Jr., 38 — disorderly conduct/gross intoxication, possession of other controlled substance schedule I to V first offense

Jeffery Rollins, 34 — criminal domestic violence second offense within 10 years or prior conviction

Dominique Nicole Blackwell, 28 — hold for Aiken County Sheriff’s Office warrants

Daniel Walter Wade Jr., 34 — tag registered to another vehicle, operating an uninsured vehicle, no driver’s license first offense