Teresa Harper in her Jan. 19 letter doesnít speak for me or many others I know. Harper talked about an issue I have been following for a few years now. She attempts to discredit any thought of a Convention of States. I am a Democrat, according to my voting record, but an American first. I support the concept of a Convention of States. Because both parties have failed to curtail the escalating size, reach and cost of centralized government, stateís rights have been trampled Ė rendering the 10th Amendment Ė which protects state rights Ė almost meaningless.

For example, the debt burden we are passing on to our children doesnít discriminate. It is being passed to all our children. For sure, the biggest threat to modern-day America and to our future generations is a runaway federal government. A runaway federal government damages everyone. So please, Teresa, donít assume all Democrats are against downsizing federal government power. And please donít assume that a Convention of States and getting power back to the states where it started is a Republican versus Democrat issue. Itís not Ė itís a solution for all of us.

Katie Pope