According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office:

An Aiken man reported on Saturday that a lock on his vehicle was damaged during a break-in on Hudson Road.

An Aiken man reported on Saturday that items worth $1,000, including metal, were stolen from a home on Hamelin Road.

A North Augusta man reported on Friday that the passenger side wheels fell off of his vehicle when he got into it to leave his home on Hill Street. Prior to then, he had seen a black man in a gray jacket, blue jeans and a red baseball cap walking past the house. A white woman driving a silver Toyota Camry was following the man, according to the victim. The victim later saw the Camry parked on the side of the road near the edge of his property. Lug nuts were missing from the two wheels, one of which damaged a fender on the vehicle when it fell off.

A Beech Island man reported on Saturday that someone broke into a storage shed on his property on Augusta Road and stolen a paint sprayer. The responding officer observed a damaged lock on the door of the shed.

An officer responding to a burglar alarm at a house on Pine Street in Aiken on Friday found a broken bedroom window and the back door standing open. The victim, a 52-year-old man, said a 42-inch Sanyo flat screen television was missing from a bedroom in the home.

An Aiken man reported on Friday that someone entered his home on Opal Drive through a back window and took multiple electronic items.

A Wagener woman reported on Friday that a man “pounded out “ the rear driver's side window of her car while it was parked in Aiken. She said the man was angry because she wanted to go to a party that he didn't want her to attend.

A Beech Island man reported on Saturday that someone entered the garage beneath his house on Bellingham Drive and stole hunting equipment, including a custom-made archery bow, a bow case, two rangefinders and a pair of binoculars with a chest mount.

A Warrenville woman, who lives on Old Apache Lane, reported on Saturday that the South Carolina license plate was missing from her vehicle. She noticed that the license plate was gone following a short trip to Aiken.

A white Cadillac was found in a field on Silver Bluff Road on Saturday. The car, which had been stolen, belongs to a Georgia woman.

A Beech Island woman reported on Saturday that her vehicle had been stolen on Long Street in New Ellenton.

A Salley woman reported on Saturday that multiple items, including two laptop computers, jewelry, luggage and a camera, had been stolen from her home on Canary Lane.

A Harlem, Ga., woman reported on Saturday that there had been a break-in at a vacant house on State Park Road in Windsor that had been owned by her late grandmother. She said the glass in the home's back door had been broken and the door was unlocked. A Maytag washer and dryer, a sofa and a love seat were missing.

An Evans, Ga., man, who manages a convenience store in Graniteville, reported on Saturday that someone claiming to be with “the federal investigator's office” had called him and told him that he owed $2,500 in taxes and a $1,000 fine. The caller said an arrest warrant would be served within 45 minutes if the man didn't pay the money. Following the instructions of the caller, the man went to the nearest Walmart (on Richland Avenue in Aiken) and purchased multiple prepaid MoneyPak cards for $2,500. He gave the caller the codes for the cards. The victim said he was contacted again later and told he owed another $1,000 in fines.