A 15-year-old boy detained on drug charges on Friday said he was the get-away driver for a friend of his motherís who tried to shoplift from a store on Richland Avenue, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

Officers were called to Walmart on Richland Avenue on Friday regarding a shoplifter that was fleeing, according to the report. They stopped the vehicle and found a 15-year-old boy inside. Loss prevention officers from the store identified the truck but said the juvenile was not the accused shoplifter.

The alleged shoplifter dropped the merchandise and ran when approached by store employees, police said. He got into the Ford F-150 and told the juvenile to drive off.

The juvenile smelled of marijuana and admitted to possessing weed when asked by officers, police said. He was placed under arrest for simple possession of marijuana.

The juvenile told officers the older suspect was named ďTed,Ē but was unable to provide additional information. He said Ted was one of his motherís friends, according to the report. Officers were unable to find the adult suspect or get in touch with the juvenileís mother. The juvenile was released to his fatherís custody.

Juvenile allegedly helps shoplifter flee