Aiken County woman still missing after 10 years

It was a phone call not unlike any other. Fourteen-year-old Krystina Shuttleworth called her mother to let her know she’d be riding home from school with a friend that afternoon. Her mother told her to call when she made it home safely. Then, they ended the conversation with the same four words they ended every other conversation with: ‘I love you. Bye.’

That phone call on the morning of Sept. 4, 2003, was the last time Lisa Shuttleworth was ever heard from by her family. The divorced mother of two from Beech Island was supposed to meet her son Ryan, then 9, at the bus stop that afternoon, but never showed.

Children’s museum proposed for old mill in Warrenville

A local mother wants to foster young minds as well as a community by opening a children’s museum in an old mill in Warrenville.

Create and Explore Children’s Museum Director Tanya Arceneaux-Daniels presented her plans at a small forum held on Friday at the Woodside Plantation Country Club. Arceneaux-Daniels is planning to establish this nonprofit museum at the Warren Mill, located off S.C. 421, and hopes it will be open within the next two years.

Dock upgrades to enhance Langley Pond

Aiken County wants Langley Pond to be the first place that rowing competitors think of when organizing an event.

On Tuesday, Aiken County Council approved using approximately $146,000 from the State Water Recreation Fund to replace aging docks at Langley Pond as well as expanding its dock system if possible. Assistant County Administrator Brian Sanders said there are a variety of reasons why this is going to make Langley Pond a more viable candidate for regattas and other events.

School Board to seek legislators’ assistance for funding

Aiken County Board of Education members will attend an Aiken County Legislative Delegation meeting on Monday – seeking the next step in their quest to obtain additional funding resources for school construction needs.

They will ask the legislators to promote a bill that would allow the School District to conduct a penny tax referendum.

Golden Paws Society focuses on aging pets

Like humans, pets warrant plenty of attention as they age.

Caring for aging pets can be difficult, as pets develop medical and cognitive issues just like humans.

Veterinary Services of Aiken’s Dr. Holly Woltz, otherwise known as Doc Holly, is trying to focus in on geriatric pets with the newly formed Golden Paws Society.