Hard work

Late the afternoon of Jan. 6, just before a very cold night, our electric power line was snapped by a fallen tree. The electric company was called and the repair men were at the scene and had the line repaired in less than two hours. The hard work of the men working in the cold and the wind and being so prompt is greatly appreciated.

Palace Malice

Although bitterly cold at 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning, it was worth it to be at the barn and see Palace Malice loaded up and headed to Florida. Many thanks to Cot, Anne, Jack, Brad, Gene, Daniel and Dogwood Stable for sharing him with us these past two months. It has been a real thrill.

Dollar soap

The dollar soap makes you itchy.

TalkBack callers

The people who call and complain about Obama are possessed.

Sweat pants

Itís time to put out the Valentineís Day stuff. I went into a store looking for sweat pants and the whole wall was filled with bikinis.

School delay

What was accomplished by delaying school for two hours when the temperature only increased by a degree?

Offensive commercials

I think itís time some of these restaurants discontinue their indecent and offensive commercials. Itís sinking so low to make money.

Directing traffic

Why wasnít Aiken Public Safety out directing traffic when the traffic lights were out on the Northside?