Aiken Electric Cooperative is urging its customers to be aware of potential criminal activity by two men posing as employees of the cooperative.

The cooperative on Thursday posted a cautionary statement on its Facebook page, which was also shared by the Aiken Department of Public Safety, explaining that two men reportedly approached the home of a cooperative customer claiming they were there to “change out the meter as a result of the blackouts.”

One man entered the home on the premise that he needed to inspect outlets in the home, while the other man remained outside and said he would check the meter, according to the statement. After completing those tasks, the two men left saying they would return later.

Aiken Electric Cooperative personnel will not ask to enter a member's home without a prior appointment and do not check outlets in the home, the company stated. Additionally, if meter work or onsite work is necessary, employees will show their ID. The vehicle they use will be a truck with an cooperative logo on the side.

The member in this case reported the incident to the police, according to the statement.

No reports of such activity in the City of Aiken have been filed with Public Safety, which said in a statement that it's not wise to allow an unsolicited visitor into your home.

If you have any question about the identity of someone claiming to represent Aiken Electric Cooperative, call 803-649-6245.