What about jobs?

For balance in reporting, please print the number of jobs to be created and the additional tax revenues if this farmer is allowed to draw water from the river. Before the environmental Nazi’s go crazy, this portion of the river is deep with a rapid flow of limited, if any, recreational value. If you canoe it, be careful as the snakes drop onto you and your canoe.

Tree trimming

I remembered an article in Southern Living magazine by the Grumpy Gardener about power lines and tree trimming. It was a very interesting read. I went back outside with my camera to get some documentation of “before” for the coming “after” shots and a little video of the crew in action. A short time later, two of the crew knocked at the door. My camera had not gone unnoticed. They did not want me to come out and tell them to stop once they started to slice into the trees in front of the house. Apparently, a resident is able to refuse and have a supervisor come out to talk to them before any work is done. I told them it didn’t make me happy, but they were city trees and not on our property. So, while I feel sorry that the tree crews are disliked for “only trying to do their jobs,” it is difficult to like what they are doing and how they are doing it. Is it my imagination, or is there a little more discretion in the trimming that is now going on outside on the street?

Money talks

The application for the potato farm’s usage of water from the Edisto River was handled exactly the way an application for a cell tower, right in the middle of a beautiful residential area, was back in the spring. First, a conspicuous sign for a hearing was not posted. Secondly, there was no publicity indicating the possibility of such an interference. And, third, the elected officials showed absolutely no concern for their voting contingency or the impact on the environment, acting strictly in the interest of big business. Money talks.


We need someone to replace U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., because he hasn’t done anything. You never hear from him until election time and then he’s all over the place.


I feel so sorry for these horses that have to carry these people. People should be sitting at the buffet, not on the backs of these horses.

New world

When planes start crashing into buildings again, let’s see who they blame. It’s a whole new world after 9/11. I have nothing to hide.


Ronnie Young, Lawana Mackenzie and Phil Napier are redcoats.