According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriffís Office:

A 50-year-old Aiken man was arrested on Saturday after an Aiken woman accused him of taking $700 out of a wallet that had fallen out of her pocket at a WilcoHess gas station on Bettis Academy Road in Graniteville. A video showed the subject picking up the wallet and coming back a few minutes later and dropping the wallet by the gas stationís door. The man said he had given the wallet to an accomplice in a gas station bathroom and that the accomplice had removed the money from the wallet.

A Warrenville man reported on Saturday that someone had taken a moped from the front porch of his home on Old Carline Road. He said he later found the moped behind another residence on Old Carline Road. According to the victim, the mopedís ignition had been ripped out and replaced.

A Warrenville man reported on Saturday that he found three juveniles behind his house on Cemetery Road after discovering his birds had been released from their cages behind his house. A dead quail and a kitchen knife were nearby. The responding officer also found a can of green paint in the area and green paint on one of the juveniles. The victim declined to press charges, saying he would settle the matter privately with the juvenilesí parents.

An Aiken woman reported on Saturday that someone shattered the right passenger side window of her vehicle and removed her pocketbook from the vehicle while it was parked outside her home on Edisto Avenue. She said her wallet, driverís license and debit card were inside the pocketbook.

Burglaries were reported at homes on Iroquois Street and Bobwhite Drive in Aiken on Saturday.

A North Augusta woman reported on Friday that someone broke the front passenger side window of her vehicle while it was parked on Nathaniel Drive. She found the damaged window after hearing her vehicleís alarm.

A Beech Island woman reported on Saturday that two subjects took an item her daughter owned without permission. She said she didnít have money to pay the subjects for cleaning trash from her houseís yard on Bay Street, so she told them they could have an old washing machine. She said they then asked if they could have an item owned by her daughter, but she told them no. She said the subjects returned to her house later and she saw them put the item in their vehicle.

A Wagener woman reported on Saturday that someone had broken into a safe in her home on Knobhill Circle and taken a gun. She found a hatchet near the damaged safe.

An Aiken man reported on Saturday that a black male subject took building materials from Goldmanís True Value hardware store on Columbia Highway North without paying for them.

A North Augusta man on Saturday accused a woman, who is a neighbor, of taking $70 from his fatherís room in a home on Audubon Circle. The woman said she had gone into the room to get a cough drop, but she didnít take the money.

A vehicle was reported stolen from outside a house on Crabapple Lane in Warrenville on Saturday.