Jadeveon Clowney told a Columbia police officer who pulled over the Gamecocks star for speeding Thursday that he was running late for his team's departure to a bowl game in Orlando.

“I've got to get to the stadium before they leave,” Clowney told the officer in a video of the traffic stop released Friday. “I got like three minutes.”

Clowney was cited for driving 84 mph in a 55 mph zone near on I-126 intersect. The speeding ticket was the presumed NFL top draft pick's second this month for going more than 25 mph over the speed limit.

The Chrysler 300 driven by Clowney passed the officer on I-126 and was pulled over soon after, the video showed. The officer talked to Clowney briefly before issuing the ticket in the conversation where the defensive end said he was running behind schedule.

After handing him the ticket, the officer mistakenly told Clowney that his court was Feb. 14, the player's birthday. He said the correct date is Feb. 18.

“I wouldn't give nobody a citation to show up on..., “ the officer said without finishing the sentence.

After receiving the ticket, Clowney got out of the car and exchanged seats with a female passenger, the video showed.

Clowney spoke briefly to the officer but what he said was unintelligible.

“Please slow down,” the officer told Clowney. “Drive safe. We want everyone to have safe holidays.”

Clowney tweeted a picture of himself in Orlando, Fla., with law enforcement Friday:

“We in here me and my boys lol pic.twitter.com/sKfDdvMoDo — jadeveon clowney 7 (@clownejd) December 27, 2013”