Aiken Gymnastics’ competitive teams recently traveled to Myrtle Beach to compete in the Myrtle Beach Cup. The event had a Super Team Institutional Winner, and thanks to many strong individual performances, Aiken Gymnastics won the award. Points were accumulated for placement in all-around scores per team. Aiken Gymnastics had the highest amount of points and was named the Super Team out of 20 teams competing.

All-around gold medal winners in their levels and age groups were: Abby Lawson Boni, Dallas Bacon, Noelle Kriegel, Olivia Neill, Hannah Wheeland, Alyssa Keadle, Rebecca Bolin, Shelby Coleman and Kristine Griffith.

All-around silver medal winners in their levels and age groups were: Simona Jokulis, Brantley Johnson, Jessa Davidson, Taylor Powers, Alex Varnadore, Alexa Watson, Kelsey Boynton, Kayla Lea, Lienna Crowder, Mary Margaret Seawell and Madison Doolittle.

All-around bronze medal winners in their levels and age groups were: Gracie Goss, Allison McGarry, Addison Creswell, Sydney Conner, Lexi Floyd and Jetta Adams.

Gold medal winners in individual events were: Olivia Leita (bars), Lawson Boni (bars and beam), Johnson (vault and floor), Graciela Hernandez (vault), Bacon (bars and beam), Kriegel (vault and beam), Neill (bars), Varnadore (bars), Lizzy Varnadore (vault), Cha Anderson (floor), Watson (vault), Goss (floor), Virginia Gwinn (vault), Emma Lawler (bars), Wheeland (bars), Meghan Player (beam), Laci DuBose (vault), Madelyn Gallam (vault), Alyssa Keadle (bars and beam), Boynton (bars), Coleman (vault, beam and floor), Lea (bars), Griffith (bars), Floyd (beam), Seawell (floor), Olivia Stringfield (floor) and Adams (floor).

Silver medal winners were: Jokulis (vault, beam and floor), Bailey Daniels (beam), Davidson (vault and bars), Powers (vault and beam), Kriegel (floor), Lizzy Varnadore (bars), Watson (bars, beam and floor), Goss (bars), Isabella Peralta (floor), Callie Burnett Rodgers (bars), McGarry (bars and beam), Logan Tubbs (vault), Boynton (beam and floor), Creswell (vault and bars), Bolin (bars and beam), Johnson (vault), Lea (floor), Conner (bars, beam and floor), Griffith (vault and floor), Floyd (bars), Seawell (vault and beam), Stringfield (bars), Doolittle (bars) and Adams (beam).

Bronze medal winners were: Sophia Ready (beam), Brantley Johnson (bars), Davidson (beam), Bacon (vault and floor), Varnadore (vault), Player (bars), Keadle (vault), Tubbs (bars), Boynton (vault), Creswell (beam), Caroline Seawell (bars), Bolin (vault), Johnson (bars), Coleman (bars), Lea (vault and beam), Conner (vault), Lienna Crowder (beam), Floyd (floor) and Doolittle (vault and beam).