NORTH AUGUSTA — While North Augusta High School’s football season has been complete for over a month, Jackets coach Dan Pippin has continued coaching in all-star games.

Pippin, who was the offensive coordinator for South Carolina in the Shrine Bowl victory over North Carolina, will now lead the Palmetto State against Georgia. Pippin will be the head coach for the South Carolina squad and will go up against Lakeside coach Jarrett Troxler and his team of Georgia stars.

“We’re excited about this game,” Pippin said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun to compete against the kids from Georgia.”

The inaugural Border Bowl is a chance for Pippin to coach his seniors one more time, with 11 Jackets on the South Carolina roster.

“I’m going to have a good time with them,” Pippin said of his former Jackets. “I’m going to enjoy being around those guys one more time. There are some good kids in that group.”

Along with the North Augusta players are six Strom Thurmond players, three representatives from South Aiken and a lone star from Fox Creek, Deondre Baskett.

Baskett, who will be a defensive back for the game, called his selection to the Border Bowl an “honor.”

“It’s a great honor to be one of the many stars picked to play in the Border Bowl,” Baskett said. “It’s a bigger honor for me because I was the only one picked from my school. I look forward to playing with other players from different schools.”

Border Bowl practice will begin today at 11 a.m. at North Augusta High School. Pippin said he hopes to keep the Border Bowl experience “fun” for the players.

“We want to make it as much fun as possible for them,” he said. “That’s something we did at the Shrine Bowl, keeping it fun, and I want to do that at the Border Bowl. This game is a celebration of these kids and what they did during their careers.”

The Border Bowl will be televised live by WJBF-News Channel 6. The seniors-only game will be played at 1 p.m. on Jan. 11, at Lucy C. Laney Stadium, 1339 Laney Walker Blvd, Augusta, Ga. Proceeds from the game will go to Ronald McDonald House.

T.J. Lundeen is a reporter for The Star. Follow him on Twitter @lundeentj for more updates.


What: Border Bowl

Where: Lucy C. Laney Stadium; 1339 Laney Walker Blvd, Augusta

When: Jan. 11



South Carolina

Head Coach

Dan Pippin, North Augusta


• Bo Baldwin, South Aiken

• Jauveer Hammond, Strom Thurmond

Running Backs

• Shaquez Wright, Silver Bluff

• Adam Allen, South Aiken

Wide Receivers

• Keyon West, North Augusta

• Dre Dunbar, North Augusta

• Trenton Baughman, Midland Valley

• Kendall Hill, Strom Thurmond

• Malcolm Stroman, Wagener-Salley

Offensive Line

• Taylor Hearn, Williston-Elko

• Blake Williams, North Augusta

• Noah Creech, North Augusta

• Maurice Williams, North Augusta

• James Jacks, Silver Bluff

• Rayshaun Johnson, Strom Thurmond

• Clay Price, Strom Thurmond

Tight End

• Will Holbrook, South Aiken


• Jaleel Bryant, North Augusta – Athlete/long-snapper

• Nick Casares, Silver Bluff – P/K

Defensive Backs

• Quindrell Williams, Allendale

• DJ Young, North Augusta

• Luke Smith, North Augusta

• Jalen Douse, Silver Bluff

• Deondre Baskett, Fox Creek

• Dramel Coleman, Aiken


• McKenzie Wilson, Silver Bluff

• Ronald Williams, North Augusta

• Marcus Moody, Bamberg

• Kenyatta Dunbar, Strom Thurmond

• Nate Bright, Strom Thurmond

Defensive Line

• Colton Johnson, North Augusta

• Brandon Thomas, North Augusta

• Mike Taylor, Allendale-Fairfax

• Trevon Butler, Aiken

• Charles Williams, Barnwell

• RJ Tyler, Wagener-Salley


Head Coach

Jarrett Troxler, Lakeside


• Hunter Banks, Lakeside

• Donquell Green, Burke County

• Jalen Lampkin, Westside

Running Backs

• Tomarkus Young, Washington-Wilkes

• Mike McIntire, Lincoln County

• Melvin Hill, Washington County

• Car’Tabious Quarterman, Jefferson County

Wide Receivers

• Mason McDaniel, Harlem

• Forrest Nanney, Lakeside

• Untorrey Thomas, Burke County

• Qua Cummings, Thomson

• Jermaine Baxley, Burke County

• Earl Cobb, Glenn Hills

Offensive Line

• Jeff Fox, Aquinas

• Derrick Brown, ARC

• Darryl Ware, Washington-Wilkes

• Andy Ray Wengrow, Lincoln County

• Britt Helton, Washington County

• Juwane Gardner, Burke County

• James Holman, Laney

Tight End/H Back

• Chris Edwards, Washington County

Defensive Backs

• Jalen Turner, Washington-Wilkes

• Juwuan Tolbert, Josey

• Laderrick Hammond, Jefferson County

• K’Lon Lovett, Evans

• Felton Hatcher, Thomson

• Antonio Clark, Aquinas


• DJ Sanders, Washington County

• Daniel Cotty, Lakeside

• Stephon Jacobs, Evans

Defensive Line

• Willie Yarbary, ARC

• Kendall White, Lakeside

• Jalen Smith, Lincoln County

• Torrez Wentz, Warren County

• Malcolm Thomas, Greenbrier

• Bryant Wilson, Burke County