I was having a dinner meeting with some colleagues recently, and we began a discussion about the column writers that appear in the Aiken Standard. One of those individuals is Cal Thomas, who always invariably has something negative to say about the Obama administration. Thomas’ column in the Dec. 18 edition of the paper is no exception. His column began with his concern that the option to be euthanized is beginning to spread in some European countries.

After expressing his concern, he pivoted to Obamacare, and intimated that there is a risk that euthanasia could be become official policy in the Affordable Care Act.

This is typical right wing dogma that the conservatives have been pushing since the enactment of the law.

There is nothing in the legislation that created the Affordable Care Act that supports Thomas’ delusions. The conservatives believe if they can scare Grandma, the Affordable Care Act will have no chance of surviving. Of course it is going to survive, and lives will be saved due to improved access to health care.

As for euthanasia, I have a very liberal attitude about this very personal issue. If a patient is mentally capable of enacting a living will, and, with consultation with his or her doctor and family, decides that his or her quality of life is so bad that continuing to live is not a good choice, that patient should be allowed to choose euthanasia.

I know that my opinion conflicts with those who believe that death should be left to a higher power, but it is only my opinion and it is a choice that I would like to have for myself.

I suspect that there are many other people in the United States that would like to have that choice.

Moses Mims