Whiskey Road

I canít believe there are so many people who are anti-children because they donít want sidewalks on Whiskey Road. Are they supposed to walk in the ditch? What about the people who are staying in hotels and want to walk to the mall?

Aiken drivers

I saw on the news where South Carolina has the second worst driverís in the U.S. I couldnít be more proud.

If youíre doing the speed limit, youíre obeying the law. If youíre mad because Iím driving the speed limit in whatever lane I choose, youíre breaking the law and committing road rage.

Picking up trash

We have inmates in jail that should be out there every day picking up this trash. We pay for them to sit in the jail and be fed and kept warm. Aiken is going to be called the Trash City of South Carolina.

The person suggesting the churches should get together and pick up the trash ought to go out there and do it themselves.

Pay cutting

Itís a shame the government is cutting the pay and retirement from the military to pay for the squandering of money elsewhere.

Palice Malice

With all of the important things going on in the world, do we really need to read another article about Palace Malice? Itís a horse and is inconsequential to what is going on in the world.


Where does one go to reaffiliate your political party? I donít want to be a Democrat. I donít want to be a Republican. I want to be an Independent.

Road blocking

Something needs to be done about all of the people blocking the road when they pick up their kids.

Lawyers in Aiken

You donít have to go over the river: We have a personal injury lawyer here in Aiken.

Christmas tree

The metal tree is beautiful at night and if they cut down a live tree to put in itís spot, TalkBack wouldnít have enough room for all the complaints that would be called in.

Aiken SPCA

Iím confused. The SPCA doesnít take stray dogs if theyíre found outside their jurisdiction, but they will take their donations? Their building is a mansion and itís not open to all animals.