The front page headline in last Wednesdayís Aiken Standard, ďThousands apply for Bridgestone,Ē with the sub-headline, ďMore than 4,500 applicants for 200 jobs in two days,Ē will come as a shock to some people. Twenty-two persons have applied for each job opening at Bridgestone. This should destroy the widespread belief that our fellow citizens donít want to work.

The problem is not that people arenít working because they are lazy and donít want to work. Most of them would rather work than collect a meager amount of food stamps and unemployment benefits; the problem is that there just are not enough decent-paying jobs to go around.

Businesses arenít hiring because people arenít buying, and people arenít buying because they donít have any money. Whatís the answer? We can debate the right answer, but the wrong answer would be to cut government spending and benefits in a weak economy. The needs of real people should be more important than perpetuating a flawed ideology.

Anthony J. DiStefano