According to reports provided by the Aiken Department of Public Safety:

A 28-year-old Beech Island man was detained for driving under the influence on Sunday after he struck a tree on South Boundary Avenue. The man smelled strongly of alcohol and was taken into custody after failing multiple field sobriety tests. He was also charged with operating an uninsured vehicle and simple possession of marijuana after officers found a bag containing a leafy, green substance in the vehicle’s console.

A 61-year-old Aiken woman reported her phone stolen on Thursday while she was working at a store in Aiken Mall. The woman said an unknown male and female entered the store and asked for assistance; while she was assisting the female customer, the male reached over the counter and took the victim’s cellphone. She later confirmed this by viewing store surveillance footage.

An unknown woman on Saturday received about $200 in services from a salon on Laurens Street and snuck out the back door without paying.

A 13-year-old boy was detained for shoplifting on Sunday after he opened a pair of scissors in a store on Whiskey Road and then cut open a pair of headphones. The boy was booked and released to a guardian.

Three unknown people shoplifted items from a store in Aiken Mall on Saturday.

Several bicycles and a scooter were reported stolen from a home on Greengate Circle on Thursday.

An Aiken man reported on Friday that someone took rim caps from his vehicle that was parked outside a store on Whiskey Road.

Officers were called to a report of vandalism in Eustis Park on Saturday. They found three symbols drawn in chalk on the basketball court that appeared to be gang-related.

Broken windows were reported at Richland Avenue businesses on Thursday and Friday.

A burglary was reported Saturday at a home on Kershaw Street. The owner reported a television and a DVD player missing.

A vehicle break-in was reported on Laurens Street on Friday. The victim said she left her purse sitting on the front seat of the vehicle, which was locked. One of the windows was broken and a rock was found on the seat. The victim said she took the valuable items out of the purse when she left the vehicle.

According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

A 47-year-old Warrenville man was detained for driving under the influence on Sunday after officers found him pulled over on the side of Edgefield Road near Interstate 520. The man told officers he’d run out of gas. He smelled of alcohol, and after failing one field sobriety test, he became uncooperative and was arrested.

A burglary was reported at a home on Belvedere Road in Beech Island on Sunday. Money and food were reported missing.

Additional burglaries were reported on Hutto Pond Road in Aiken, Rainbow Falls Road in Graniteville and Wagener Road in Aiken.

A North Augusta man reported on Sunday that someone threw a large rock at the windshield of his vehicle parked outside his Barbara Lane home.

A vehicle was reported stolen from Railroad Street in Warrenville on Monday.