In the Dec. 9 TalkBack column, there was an allegation that Allen West, the Grand Ol' Party and the Aiken GOP had better start turning to God. My response will first address the remark directed at West. It is more than obvious that this disillusioned individual does not know Allen and certainly was not in attendance at the Aiken GOP luncheon. The Colonel's background and Christian upbringing were obvious given his stance on notable issues such as gay marriage, abortion and other family-related issues of the day. I suppose you could have been in the audience and listened to West. If you were, you had to be asleep.

With regard to the GOP, which party is it that does support abortions, does support gay marriage and does not support strong family values? Take off the blinders and you will see clearly which party is attempting to control all aspects of human life without regard to individuality.

As for the Aiken GOP, I would like to invite you to our January meeting, yet to be announced, so you can witness our Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem and of course our prayer to our God in heaven. Take a hard look within before writing such a biased comment.

Eldon J. Koch