Shame on you for the defeatist attitude of cynicism and negativity you so skillfully crafted regarding the Convention of States bill that S.C. Rep. Bill Taylor, R-Aiken, has submitted.

As Teddy Roosevelt once said “Believing you can do it is half the battle.” While it is clear that you generally supported the goals of this idea, and I laud you for that, casting a negative blanket on it without looking into who and what is behind it, is the kind of thinking and reporting that has gotten us into the mess we, as a nation, are in.

Additionally, your editorial very clearly made it sound that this Convention of States idea was Taylor’s. He would be the first to tell you that he did not originate this movement. He found about “Citizens for Self-Governance” and their Convention of States movement, approximately two months ago, and they provided him more than 300 pages of constitutional law to support the one paragraph bill he submitted Tuesday.

While you may think that this has little chance of becoming a reality, I think if you do a little homework, you will find this to be a very credible and well-thought-out plan of action to achieve something that our nation’s founders thought may be necessary should the federal government become over bearing and non-responsive to the states as it is today.

Yes, we face a daunting task with two very high mountains to scale, first getting the necessary 34 states to call for a Convention of States, and second, getting 38 states to ratify the proposed constitutional amendments, but with the plan of action now in motion to build a deep and wide grassroots organization, trained and motivated to push the bills and amendments through, odds are we will succeed.

If any of your readers want to be part of this historic event, they can go to, and enroll to be part of the grassroots army we are building. You can also call me at 803-624-6050.

Claude O’Donovan