Watch dogs?

I’m upset that my two little dogs are not allowed to bark and now they’re not allowed to look out the window. If someone is looking out the window, they see someone on our property and bark. They are watchdogs. I don’t understand why this upsets people.

Aiken splitting

What is going on with you Aiken residents? You have so much going on in the TalkBack section of the Aiken Standard. Who cares how many stores and restaurants on each side of Aiken. You’re going to drive on that side anyway. Do you guys have a Southside, Northside, Eastside and Westside rivalry thing going on in Aiken? Grow up, people!

Doc McStuffins

Why do none of the stores advertising the Doc McStuffins doll have it in stock?

Hitchcock Parkway

Try coming on Hitchcock Parkway off of Dibble Road coming out of Cold Creek Nurseries. I double dare anyone to get on Hithcock from there. It takes 30 minutes or more and you’re talking about the highway don’t need to be widened.


To all of those who cry “racism” if anyone criticizes Obama, how about this compromise. We’ll only criticize the white half of him. Does that work for you?

Aiken underground

There’s a lot of crooked stuff going up on this drive. The deputies and the sheriff won’t do nothing about it and it’s prison time. I’ve got several neighbors and they listen to my phone conversations. It’s underground work that they’re doing.

USCA team bus

USCA has a lovely team bus. They’re traveling in style.

Christmas lights

Does anyone know where I can find the neighborhoods with lots of Christmas lights? We enjoy driving around and looking at the wonderful displays.

Trash picking

Saw a group of cedar creek residents picking up trash on Banks Mill Saturday. Thank you. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Cedar Creek church and the Baptist church on Banks Mill get a group of church members together and pick up the rest of the trash between each other. They pass by it on their way to church on Sunday. It would be doing a good deed.