A little red slip of paper that College Acres residents received in the mail this week caused a bit of confusion regarding Aiken County's recycling program.

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For more information about Aiken County's recycling efforts, call Aiken County Public Works at 803-642-1533.

Aiken County Convenience Centers

College Acres, a public works district in the south Aiken area that offers water, sewer and trash pickup to its residents, sent out a notice that their recycling services were being terminated effective immediately. The notice further stated that it was due to the fact that Aiken County had “discontinued their recycling program.”

That isn't entirely true.

According to College Acres Public Works Director Brion Frontroth, he was informed that Aiken County's Barden C&D Landfill in Graniteville no longer accepted recyclables. As a result, Frontroth said College Acres had nowhere to take the recyclables that it collected and no other alternative had been found. The notices were then sent out.

Aiken County Public Works Director John Dyches confirmed what Frontroth said, stating that Three Rivers Regional Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, which hauls recyclable material for the County, no longer operates its recycling facility at Barden, which is still open.

But the County's recycling program is far from “discontinued.” The County still operates 10 convenience centers for garbage and recyclable drop-offs.

“If a citizen of Aiken County wants to take their materials themselves, that's what they're there for,” Dyches said. “Our recycling efforts are still in place.”

Dyches said he regrets how the situation played out and is concerned that the notice may lead to the misconception that the County is completely ending its recycling program.

He said that his department has received a handful of emails and a few phone calls regarding the notice.

As for College Acres residents, they shouldn't see any change in their bill, Frontroth said. He said transporting the recyclables to the County's landfill didn't cost College Acres any extra funds. Aluminum will still be collected as there is an alternative outlet for that material, but not for plastic and paper recyclables.

But Frontroth also wants College Acres residents to know that College Acres Public Works is still working hard to find a solution. He said on Wednesday that the department may be able to work out a deal with the North Augusta's Material Recovery Facility. He said he understands how important recycling is to the residents of College Acres; he'd like to see the program continue if possible.

Frontroth hopes to have a proposal to present to the College Acres Commission, which will make the final decision.

The City of Aiken and the City of North Augusta are still continuing their recycling program.

“We are absolutely keeping ours,” said Tim Coakley, director of the City of Aiken Public Services Department. “We're never, ever planning on stopping. We were the first in the state to do household recycling at curbside, and the program has been a huge success and we will absolutely keep recycling.”

Amy Banton is the County reporter for the Aiken Standard and has been with the publication since May 2010.