It’s another snub to Aiken and the state. Riding back from Augusta the other day, I cringed again at the unsightly mess of junk coming into our city.


Canada we will take the uranium, but purchase the stockpiled SRS heavy water as part of the agreement. The SRS heavy water/Canadian issue has existed for years. South Carolina’s future is not highly considered in Washington, D.C. Is anyone surprised?


We will never get sidewalks on Whiskey Road because the City of Aiken doesn’t believe in it. The extra 1 percent sales tax will never be spent on those amenities for the citizens.

Your side

Stay on “my side?” Oh really? Tell you what, I usually don’t shop on “your side,” but since I read your comments, I will start doing so.

A joke

A man was arrested for indecent exposure for urinating in a bush when a man can drive over a curb and kill a woman and get 30 days. Our system remains a joke.

Health care

I keep hearing from the liberal media that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and that the Republicans cannot change it. I agree. As I understand the Constitution, a law can only be changed by approval of the House and Senate. Then, please, some of you liberals out there, tell me how Obama can keep making changes to the law of the land. This is absolutely prohibited by the Constitution. Barrack Obama doesn’t give a “whit” about our country or all the people. He only cares about himself, the Democrats and his legacy.

One Aiken

I recently moved here from New York state, and I read TalkBack every morning. I did not realize that there were three Aikens. Some of the comments are so unreal. Do the residents from South Aiken think they are better than all the other people that reside in our community? Telling people from the northern and western sides of the city to stay out of the south Aiken stores and restaurants, all because of the traffic congestion on Whiskey Road?


High taxes in Aiken are chasing businesses and people out of the area. Are they joking? Have they ever lived anywhere else, or do they live in a bubble? Move to a another place and see what you get. You will have high taxes, high gas prices and a high cost of living. What is wrong with people in this area? Be thankful you live in the City of Aiken and stop the crying.