Drug dealers

The drug dealers at the front of Sunshine have moved to the back. Enough said.

Front page

The article on the front page of Jennifer Lariscey was so deserving of the front page. If residents don’t start shopping at the Aiken Mall, we know the consequences. After it happens, all those that shop in Augusta will be grumbling that we have no mall. Come on people. Support the businesses and restaurants in this wonderful town.

So great

If Romney care was so great, why didn’t the other 49 states follow that example? If the ACA is so great, why are thousands of organizations looking for exemptions? If the ACA is so good for America, why are so many people opposed? If the ACA is so great, why did our president mislead us about premium savings, keeping our health plan if we liked it and keeping our doctor if we liked them? If the ACA is so great, why is Medicare reimbursement being cut 27 percent next year?

Affordable care

Sign up for the Affordable Care Act and you can get help for your daughter.

Like us

The people complaining about cats don’t have money tied up in their yard like we have.

Need a sidewalk

We need a sidewalk on the Southside. There are sidewalks on Highway 19 where there are no businesses but one. All the businesses are on the Southside. Why isn’t there a sidewalk? Maybe it would cut down on the traffic.

Loud radio

The City trucks that pick up the debris usually have their two-way radio up so loud I can hear it from inside my house. It needs to be turned down.

I heard it

To the gentleman who asked if anyone else heard the slow moving, deep rumbling airplane going over Aiken at 3:30 a.m. last week, I have. Last Tuesday, while sitting on the screened porch, a deep rumbling, slow moving “something” passed over our house. The sound lasted approximately 20 seconds. That was not the first time I have heard it either.

Supply and demand

Should gas station owners not make money for the product they sell? Should the rule of supply and demand not apply to gas stations? It’s Thanksgiving time and more people are traveling meaning there is more demand for gas, thus the price goes up. So I ask, is this really price gouging or is it that some of us don’t understand capitalism while we continue to sit back and expect the government to pay for everything?