Osama bin Laden was a very evil man. He schemed and brought great harm to our country.

The attack on 9/11 killed more than 3,000 people and injured thousands more. The attack led to two wars that has cost many more lives. Bin laden did pay with his life and justifiably so.

I believe if bin Laden was alive today, he would be laughing his butt off at our once great country. He would see the damage to our country that he wanted though no fault of his own.

I contend that President Obama has done far greater permanent damage to our country than bin Laden.

Before Obama is out of office, he will have done great damage to our country from which we can never recover. Obama’s long-time mentor Franklin Marshall Davis would be very proud of him. Davis was from Chicago before moving to Hawaii to head up the communist party there.

Davis was a communist and a racist who hates the United States. Obama is carrying out Davis’s dream to bring the United States to its knees and, in doing so, he is also carrying out the dream of Osama bin Laden.

Charles Cushman