The Affordable Care Act is crumbling faster than a sand castle at high tide and the president is now trying to shift the issue to the insurance industry with his contrite apology to the 19 million individuals who have found themselves on the outside looking in. Finally succumbing to pressure from fellow Democrats, mostly those up for re-election next fall, the president takes the easy way out and changes his “legacy” law for the 29th time without Congressional approval.

Now, the president wants the insurance industry to reverse fields and continue to offer those “sub-par policies” that the Affordable Care Act was supposed replace, albeit at higher premiums, but he does not mandate the old policies be reinstated. Complete balderdash.

He knows, or maybe not, that this is an impossible task in the time period allowed under the Jan. 1 deadline. In the meantime, millions of Americans are political pawns as his arrogance and reluctance to accept the inevitable are played out.

This administration had more than three years to bring a functional product to the American people, but instead delivered a $600 million catastrophic example of why the government has no business in our health care, period. The bald face lies that were told to pass this piece of unread legislation continue today and serve as a reminder that this is the most dishonest or unknowing, or both, president to serve in our lifetime.

Either way he is finally being exposed for what he is – in over his head. What will it take before America wakes up and calls him out? How many more speeches laced with deceit, finger pointing or feigning ignorance will we absorb?

How ironic that this president, having spent nearly five years dividing America, seems to have galvanized the country in a way usually reserved for acts of terrorism and natural disasters.

Unfortunately for him this real “legacy” is being played out in front of an audience today that seems to have removed their rose colored sunglasses and are not liking the “change.”

Randy Millman