President Obama has made himself the proverbial, “public enemy No. 1” in the eyes of the American people.

He has lead this country through lies and deceit with an agenda to change our world into a plan taken right out of the playbook by Adolf Hitler. He has demonized anyone who would challenge him, making them the enemy, which is completely opposite of what he told the public when he was running for office.

He trivialized the Fast and Furious scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the National Security Agency scandal and stated that they were nothing more than distractions made up by Republicans to detour the economy from coming back while totally ignoring the fact that he refused to accept responsibility for all and placing blame elsewhere.

His big healthcare plan to socialize medicine has all but destroyed any semblance of free will and the democratic way of life in this country. Like all civilizations that fell by the wayside, President Obama has taken our country to the brink of total destruction.

When Obama first ran for office, I could see that he could never keep the promises he made. Back then, I wrote to my elected officials and formally asked that they write up a new bill to have a formal job application for those running for the highest positions of office to protect us from incompetent politicians.

All I got back was lip service. Maybe now the powers that be will see the wisdom in making a change before another Obama gets to totally destroy our country.

Gregory J. Topliff