Aiken County will undergo its first major cold front this week with overnight and morning temperatures dropping to the mid 20s.

According to the National Weather Service in Columbia, the start of the cold front began this morning with temperatures ranging from 60-65 degrees in the first half of the day. Wind shifts will then get gusty, signaling the beginning of the “bulk of the cold front.”

Meteorologist Chris Liscinsky said the bulk will stretch anywhere from 12-24 hours.

“Beginning (today) and through (tomorrow) morning, we've got lows around freezing levels between 30 to 34 degrees,” Liscinsky said. “We're looking at about 31 degrees in the northern part of Aiken County, and about 34 degrees in the lower part.”

Liscinsky said Wednesday's projected temperatures are a high of 48 degrees and a low of 25 degrees. The hard cold front will continue through Wednesday night and Thursday morning, with temperatures circling the mid 20s.

Much like the last weekend of October, meteorologists are encouraging residents to secure their plants. If plants were able to survive the first frost by owners covering them, Liscinsky said, then they'll need to bring them in for the hard freeze.

“Most areas have already had freezing temperatures, but they've been brief,” Liscinsky added. “This is the first time we'll have a hard freeze. Even if you didn't bring plants in for the last freeze, you'll probably need to bring them in Thursday morning.”

By Thursday afternoon, Aiken County will be pulling out of the cold front. Temperatures for the afternoon will increase and reach the mid 50s and may get up to 60 degrees.

Friday temperatures are projected to reach a high of 67 degrees and a low of 47 degrees.

Through the weekend, temperatures are projected to reach the mid 70s with temperatures dropping as low as 52 degrees.

Light rain may transition to a rain and snow mix or even to light snow today from Tennessee and Kentucky to the mid-Atlantic states, including the southern Appalachians, according to the National Weather Service.