A lone gunman stormed into a crowded terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport carrying an automatic rifle with more than one hundred rounds, killing one human and wounding six.

How could he get past security? Six people dead in a South Carolina home. Two victims were children. The shooter turned the gun on himself, ending the tragedy. Road rage may be to blame for a morning shooting in Fremont, Calif. Police found the victim in front of a donut shop on a busy road between two major freeways.

In Missouri, two men got into an argument over a gambling debt. The winner flaunted a gold watch he got for payment, irritated the loser and he pulled out his gun and killed the winner. In Kansas, two men argued over politics in a salon. One man got so upset he pulled a gun and shot the other fellow.

In New Mexico, a law enforcement officer warned a group of rabble-rousers in a bar they were not supposed to be carrying guns. Infuriated, they then pulled their weapons and shot him dead.

These are all horrendous cases; children, fathers, brothers, mothers and daughters killed. The first three tragedies happened within the last couple of weeks.

The last three shootings took place in the late 1800s. We have long passed the days of the old west. We now have weapons capable of killing hundreds with a single large capacity clip. Wayne LaPierre, chief executive of the National Rifle Association, says the way to solve human killing humans is issuing people more and better guns.

What about our police, Mr. LaPierre? Forget the police. We need to arm our citizens. On the deck of the Titanic the band played on, as the graceful ship sank. Are we embarking on the sinking?  

Liam McGinley