Tony DiStefano wrote an interesting column in the Oct. 30 edition. I agree with him that some of our largest corporations are incentivized to take actions that are not in our best interests as a nation, but this does not justify our oversized government. Leaving the military figures aside, I can’t believe that the size of our federal bureaucracy isn’t significantly larger than it was when Obama took office. DiStefano says we’re doing well because the annual deficit is shrinking, while glossing over the fact that it’s still a deficit and that it still increases our national debt. He admits that unemployment is still too high and urges Congress to pass legislation that puts people to work. Unfortunately, Congress has done just the opposite.

Increasing prohibitive regulations and additional costs for Obamacare are forcing employers to cut the number of employees and to reduce hours of many others to avoid having to cover them under the Affordable Care Act.

Additionally, many covered insureds are having their policies terminated since they don’t cover certain Obamacare mandated conditions.

The president’s oft quoted statement that if you are satisfied with your present coverage, you can still continue that coverage was a blatant lie, just one more of many coming out of Washington.

DiStefano claims that the glitches in signing up will eventually be fixed, but did you know that one of the principals in the company that won a no-bid contract to install this website was a college buddy of Michelle Obama? Lastly, insurance company executives have been threatened by the White House not to publicly mention or discuss any negative ramifications of the new law or the number of existing policies that are being canceled. I’ll give Obamacare a chance when it also covers the president and Congress.

David J. Didimamoff